The 2008 Masters was my Dad’s 51ST record breaking appearance. Due to this memorable occasion, I was hosting all of my most important clients at this most prestigious event.
It was certainly set to be an event to be remembered, and my wife, all three of my sons and my in-laws were all due to be part of my Dad’s incredible feat of 51 straight Masters events - breaking the King, Arnold Palmer’s record. Since Augusta is not the easiest of places to get into, my family had planned to drive up from Palm Beach, which meant no less than ten hours or more worth of driving. All was set, and they were due to arrive on the Wednesday for the traditional par three tournament.
On Monday night as I am having dinner with my best client, I happen to mention that my family is driving up from Palm Beach the next day. He looks at me and says that it would be his pleasure to fly his private plane to Palm Beach and collect them early Wednesday morning and fly them directly into Augusta in time to watch my Dad tee off in the Par Three event. Now how does one turn down such an offer?
Low and behold my family gets to fly into Augusta in great style early Wednesday morning, and my wife and in-laws are saved from a lengthy drive with three slightly impatient children. We were all so grateful and of course very surprised by such generosity and friendship. Our whole family had a fantastic day watching my Dad receive incredible ovations on every hole with both Arnold Palmer and The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus.
That evening, as we settled down to dinner, my client who had so generously sent for my family takes a seat to my right at the dinner table. He suddenly looks at my brand new Breitling Bentley watch, a watch that I was really exited about having recently purchased, and mentions that he has never seen a better looking watch in all of his life.  Not a moment’s thought crossed my mind as I removed the watch from my wrist and told him that I would be honored if he would take the watch in my great appreciation.
To this day he still wears the watch with pride and I am proud to say that this experience has inspired me to share my most favorite things with you.
I hope you enjoy this peek into my world, and be sure to check back often as we introduce new and exciting items to my Favorite Things!

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