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My mother’s father was a golf professional and my father’s father was a 4 handicap. In her prime my mother as a scratch golfer and we all know of my dad's golfing accomplishments. Despite this incredible pool of ‘golf genes,’ I was the only child out of six Player to play the game of golf.

In 1989 I had just returned to our home in South Africa after another year in the USA playing golf on a mini tour. As I walked into the Gary Player Group office one morning in Johannesburg, I noticed a strikingly beautiful woman walking into my brother’s office. I can tell you that there was something very special about her. I quickly asked one of the staff who the lady was and she replied, “Oh. That is your brother’s new assistant, Shervon.” A year later, at my brother’s wedding, I was able to tell her my innermost thoughts on her beauty. One thing lead to another, and Shervon and I were married on March 16, 1991.

We have three sons who are the absolute light of our lives; Tyler, 15, Jordan, 13, and Nicholas, 10. I truly believe all children are God's children sent to enrich and bless us in every way. Tyler and I like going to a local restaurant in Tequesta, FL, called The Gallery Grille. They have a great dish called The Gallery Eggs: two English muffins, poached eggs, and ham with a to-die-for cheese sauce and one of kind home fries. Hold the tomatoes! At 15 he still asks me to cut the meal, for young Americans are not as skilled as South Africans who were brought up with the English tradition of eating one’s meal with knife & fork in both hands always.

Jordan likes to play just about all sports. He is serious about fishing, golf, basketball and football. I was able to secure two tickets for the 2007 Super Bowl between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. Jordan was 11 years old and a huge Colts fan. Just before the start of the game he mentions to me that there is an amazing kick returner for the Bears by the name of Devon Hester, and that if the Colts were not careful he would run it back for a touchdown on the first play of the game. Well, the ball goes in the air, Hester catches the ball in his own end zone and takes off like a springbok being chased by an African lion as he returns the ball for a touchdown. At that very moment I knew Jordan understood the game of football!

Nicholas is quite simply the most enthusiastic kid I have ever met. Riding bikes and fishing are the two best deals between us. To this day neither one of my older sons has cleaned the boat after a fishing trip. Nicholas handles it all, scrubs the deck and then details every part of the boat. I have yet to see a child who loves to set a dinner table and assist in every possible way to clear after the dinner is complete without anyone telling him to do so. He is truly my angel sent from the Lord above.

Gus, our Pug, was born on Halloween 2005, which quite suits his personality!

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