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World-Class Travel Planning & Arrangements

If you've considered traveling to Africa, Player Health and Fitness can get you there with travel planning and arrangements. Having traveled extensively as a function of his work, Wayne Player can create and customize a unique experience for you. Since Wayne was originally born and raised in South Africa, we have a vast network of contacts in the country, allowing us to have access to great reservations, accommodations, restaurants, and more to ensure a wonderful experience throughout your stay.

Your Personal Liaison

Count on us to act as your liaison for everything. From the moment you arrive, you'll have access to everything you want from your trip. We'll work together with you to create a unique flow of experiences from one moment to the next, whether you're traveling for sports, a safari, or something else. Some of your options include:
• Safaris
• South Africa Golfing
• Wine Tasting
• Agricultural Experiences

Safe, Fun Experience

Each experience is designed to be fun, safe, and free of worry. We can customize every aspect of your day, and we offer ongoing concierge throughout your stay. Join us and create a customized vacation experience that's sure to be one to remember.

African Safari