My first recollection of giving back was in the late sixties at the age of seven, when I learned that my Dad had presented his entire first place check of $25,000.00, from the 1965 US Open at Bellrieve in St. Louis, to Cancer Research. Why would Gary Player do such a generous thing? My grandmother who I never knew died of Breast Cancer when my Dad was only eight years old. This left a tremendous void in his life and perhaps is one of the most significant motivators behind his tremendous level of success in the game of golf and life.

 The United States is without question the most giving nation in the World. We appreciate our blessings and feel for the sick, poor and lonely. We all care so dearly for those who have been through great loss and sorrow, and for little children who are suffering in so many ways.

 I am proud of the fact that I am able to assist many foundations for incredible causes with financial support, my time, and by customizing experiences and donating rare pieces of memorabilia. Through hosting many golf charity events I have met wonderful people and helped raise millions of dollars for great organizations that I continue to have close relationships with to this day.

 I know how lucky I am to have had great opportunity, an incredible healthy family and the ability to entertain and have fun with people. I know deep within my soul that I will always go out of my way to help the needy in any way that I can, and I praise the good Lord for my blessings each day and pray that I will always have a giving heart and nature. Amen.

 Should you be interested in partnering with Wayne on your next charity event, please contact us for more information.

Lance Armstrong Foundation
Children’s Miracle Network
The Heath Evans Foundation
The Bubel/Aiken Foundation for Inclusion
Gene and Mary Sarazen Foundation benefiting Sienna College
Garo Yepremian Foundation for Brain Tumor Research
Elite Charity Foundation benefiting Habitat for Humanity
Nailba Charitable Foundation
Janet Burros Foundation benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research
Universal Metals Foundation
Hearts and Hope Foundation
Good Shepherd Episcopal School
Jupiter Christian School


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